Testimonials from Clients and Students

These testimonials from clients and students share the essence the Institute's mission to heal and transform hearts, minds, bodies and the spirit with the proven techniques of our programs. We invite you to join us soon and experience YOUR next level of empowerment, joy and personal growth...

“More than a Hypnosis training, your training is a training for living and the best one I have ever experienced! In addition to the excellent tools and techniques, the personal insights and growth opportunities are invaluable.”
~T.T., Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, San Jose State University

“Content was comprehensive beyond my expectations! This training has been the most important and valuable time of my life. I learned effective tools that I immediately put to practice with clients and interpersonal relationships successfully and confidently.”
~ C.D. C.H.T, Rapid Eye Technician Los Altos, Ca

"I was stuck in a boring, repetitive lifestyle. The Hypnosis training brought me a new career, more self love and a relationship with my son that is meaningful. If you're interested in transformation, I highly recommend taking the training.”
~ D.C., Educational Consultant Santa Cruz, Ca

"Two years ago I had resistance to getting regular exercise. After practicing Hypnosis with Rainya, I now can easily connect my joy and drive to regular exercise -- so much so, that I am now a full time Fitness Trainer at a Professional Physical Therapy & Fitness Training Center. Rainya's work has helped me to unblock my true love for fitness and to take effective action in my workouts -- so well that I am now happily exceeding my personal fitness goals. Rainya's Transpersonal Hypnosis works!"
~J.D. MS,CMT,CFT Lead Personal Fitness Trainer, Seascape Village Fitness, Altos, Ca

“Rainya’s training is amazing. Truly it is a catalyst for transformation ~ personally and professionally. This course gave me more compassionate, practical, real-life tools for healing than years of graduate studies.”
~S.W. - Hospice Chaplain - Aptos, Ca

"Rainya's training is the most rewarding, life changing experience I have ever encountered. I have had major breakthroughs and am no longer running my life out of fear. I am far more open and present, and have developed a great relationship with my inner child and Higher Power."
~K. M. - Mortgage Broker - Aptos, Ca

"I have worked my way down to my core issues and healed them; now I have so much more to give. I no longer feel the need to hide from others. I love Rainya and the space she creates for others to do their healing work."
~C.T. - Mother and Life Coach - Santa Cruz, Ca

"I would describe the training as 'life-transforming'. I feel more empowered in my daily life. I have successfully broken destructive patterns, feel less pain and more peace; less anger and frustration and I am more in tune with the sense of Spirit within and all around me."
~J. C. - College Professor - Monterey, Ca

"I am empowered to go deeper in creative processes with myself and others. At last I have the tools to work on issues that hold me back. I particularly enjoyed the balance between left and right brain activities. This training has given me an opportunity to release the conditioning of the past and begin to live more fully in the present."
~P.M. - Art Education - Santa Cruz, Ca

"This training has value well beyond the stated goals and intentions of hypnotherapy certification. I have accessed subconscious programs created in childhood locking me in a cellar of beliefs such as 'not good enough' and 'unworthy' that have sabotaged my social, spiritual and emotional growth. In an atmosphere of unconditional love and acceptance, I have looked in the dark places and brought them into the light. Healings in my personal, family and primary love relationship have been immediate and ongoing. Carrying these tools into my professional life has been immensely rewarding as well; trust and integrity are established and maintained through using the tools I have learned in this powerful, deeply moving Transpersonal Hypnosis Training."
~D. I. - Business Development Manager, North America - Santa Cruz, Ca

"One of the most beautiful experiences I have had in my life is this training. A safe, warm, loving environment for sharing and healing myself and others."
~A..D. .- Secretary - Capitola, Ca

"I have benefited from hypnotherapy sessions and coaching with Rainya since 1990. Rainya is a skilled and highly intuitive Hypnotherapist who has helped me to experience deep personal transformation and healing. She has helped me resolve many issues from childhood trauma to creating my life that way I want it. Her sessions are deeply relaxing, integrating and have helped me with being more effective at work. She has also helped me with sleep problems. The trance induction C.D.'s she makes during our sessions allow me to access deeper states of rest, relaxation and rejuvenation for years afterward. I am grateful to have Rainya in my life and the results have been phenomenal."
~M. G. - Marketing Consultant - Carmel, Ca

"A deeply enriching program - both for making real honest effective personal changes in my life as well as powerful transforming tools for helping others. The experience fills me with inner nurturing and greater self-awareness."
~M.H., College Instructor, Davenport, Ca

"Rainya's Hypnosis training was amazing, fun and ease to learn! I loved the teaching style - hands on experiential. I now have skills to deepen understanding of myself, my children, my husband and my clients. I immediately started using the techniques to broaden my massage practice."
~B.P., Certified Massage Therapist, Nutritional -Consultant and Mother


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Student Testimonials

"I took Rainya's training over 20 years ago
and I use the tools every day of my life!"
~G.C., Realtor Carmel, Ca

"Remember we all stumble, everyone of us.
That's why it is a comfort to go hand-in-hand."
~Emily Brougham