Breath Workshops

Breath Workshops are a powerful tool for transformation, healing and reconnection to the true essence of who you are. For thousands of years, mystical traditions of the world have utilized breathing techniques for healing and awakening to higher states of consciousness. The process itself is very simple and pure. A circular, connected, breathing rhythm will take you into self- exploration and non-ordinary states of consciousness.

With your "Higher Self" guiding the process, each session is unique to where you are on your life's journey as old wounds, imprints, beliefs and dysfunctional patterns are released. A "transformed you" will experience the mystery of who you are. The breathing process is highly experiential and the healing wisdom will stay with you long after the day's journey.

Breath Workshop:
Sunday, December 2, 2018
Breath Workshop Event -
1:00 pm-5:00pm
Investment: $77.

Breath Workshop

Check the Institute schedule to find out about more transformational events or contact Director Rainya Dann for more information about this rejuvenating experience at the the Institute for Transpersonal Studies Hypnosis school in Santa Cruz, California.

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Breath Workshops

"I come to Rainya's Breath Workshops every time she offers them because it is an opportunity for me to release stress. It is a sacred space to heal sorrows and be inspired. I always end the day feeling relaxed, at peace within myself and grateful. I begin my work week with a new perspective and excited about
what I can create."
~K.J., Mortgage Broker, Soquel, Ca
"There is one way of breathing
that is shameful and constricted,
then there's another way,
a breath of love
that takes you all the way
to infinity."