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The MP3's that are written about in my book Self Hypnosis ~ a Journey to Transformation will be available by May 2018. Email me and I'll send the link when they are available

Relaxation MP3's by Rainya Dann will help you relax, meditate and envision new possibilities
for your life!

Nourishing Sleep

Nourishing Sleep1. Nourishing Sleep
Allow yourself to be gently guided into a pleasant state of relaxation. As your body relaxes, you quiet your mind and release the stress of your day. You drift off into deep, nourishing sleep and awaken in the morning feeling wide awake, alert, refreshed and inspired to create a beautiful day.

Meet Your Teacher

Meet Your Teacher

2. A Sacred Journey To Meet Your Inner Teacher
Be guided to relax deeply and allow beings of light to connect you with your inner wisdom. Receive a healing of your physical body from the light beings. You may drift off into deep and peaceful sleep and/or awaken with new creative choices to a question you brought into the journey.

Light of Oneness

Light of Oneness

3. The Light of Oneness
The Mystical Journey To the Healing Goddess. A delightful guided journey taking you deep into your inner resources. As your physical body relaxes and releases tension it comes back into balance. Enjoy listening to this CD MP3 while you sleep at night when your physical body needs healing or when you just want to relax.


Graced with the Presence of Kuan YinGraced with the Presence of Kuan Yin

4. Graced with the Presence of Kuan Yin
This CD MP3 takes you into a natural state of deep relaxation. You will be guided to an inspiring place deep within to meet Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion. She hears all prayers and is the essence of purity, nurturing love, and gentle power. You may choose to listen to this MP3 after your exercise, to meditate, or to fall asleep at night. Your subconscious will hear the suggestions and the CD MP3 will be of great benefit to you while you sleep.


5. Transforming the Past Into Light
The transformation technique is a powerful process of self-healing. Use this recording with any unpleasant experience you had in the past that you are ready to release. Allow yourself to be gently guided back to an old self-limiting memory and transform it into personal empowerment and expressions of freedom. This recording is a technique you can use daily, designed to lead you out of the worry and tension of everyday life and awaken you to your highest potential.

Embrace the Child Within

Embrace the Child Within

6. Embracing the Child within The Light Of Christ
This gentle relaxation recording guides you to healing memories of the past. The challenges of your history gives inner strength to envision a magnificent future. Allow an inner alchemy.


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"My first child labor was 36 hours. Pregnant the second time I did hypnosis with Rainya and had the baby in 3 hours! I loved listening to the CDs she made for me and the baby! "
~R.T. Mother Monterey, Ca

"The wind blows over the lake and stirs the water. The visible effects of the invisible
manifest themselves."
~The I Ching